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Shiba Inu Lavender Scented Warm Eye Mask with "Eye-holes

includes 3 masks and English language instructions


These warm eyes masks will help your tired eyes and relax your senses with a lavender scent. They heat up to around 104F(40℃) and they last about 15 minutes. *The temperature and duration may differ depending on the environment.

The masks have 2 holes for your eyes. You can use the masks while you are watching TV or using your phone.

The cute Shiba inu design is fun and unique so that people will love your posts on social media!

How to Use: (1) Remove the eye mask from the bag. (2) Cut the perforation and hang it on your ear. (3) Apply the white side to your face. Please use immediately after opening. It will stay warm for about 15 minutes after opening

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