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 Quick Action    Intuition    Contribution


 INSTACTIONS is an abbreviation for Instant Actions; we provide customers and suppliers with "instant" and reliable   service with reasonable prices.

 Regardless of the era, we still believe face-to-face > phone calls > messages.

 We build long-term relationships by listening and communicating with our customers and business partners. In   addition, we always keep our eyes open for new trends, technologies, and systems. We value our intuition.


 Our goal is to continue to contribute to communities all over the world.


We have extensive experience in importing and exporting, especially between the US and Japan.
Nowadays, there’s no need to use cumbersome international distributors.
There are many opportunities to expand your brand internationally.
Some of the services we offer:


We order and sell products that incorporate Japanese culture, quality, and trends at events and fairs, as well as online. We have obtained wholesale permits not only from Japanese vendors but also from small retail stores in various states such as California, WA, OR, TX, HI, IL, OH, NY, NJ, MA, FL. In addition to receiving orders, we use our network to support small retail stores through promotions to establish a mutually beneficial relationship.


We purchase and ship products based on requests from Japanese corporate clients. In addition, we provide personal import agency services based on requests from individual customers. We strive to provide a reasonable and prompt service with careful attention, so that customers can use our services with confidence even when shopping from overseas.

Sales Representative

We handle sales and marketing for retail stores in the United States on behalf of Japanese brand companies that have requested our services.

Coordinators and attendants

We provide event coordination and attendance services on a request basis from Japanese companies. As past experience, we have attended the Los Angeles Travel Show (Kansai booth) for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019. We were also involved in planning, proposing, introducing personnel, and attending the Tokyo Promotion Event scheduled for next year, 2020 in Los Angeles.

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