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Shiba Inu Kawaii Acrylic Pins

Happy and kawaii shiba dog pins make you feel like you're always with shibas!

Ideal for: handbags, school bags, laptop bags, backpacks, caps, denim jackets, denim bottoms, etc.

HIGH QUALITY & a SAFE RUBBER COVER : Shiba inu acrylic pins are a great enamel pin and are made from an acrylic material. Each pin features a durable, rubber clutch, allowing you to fasten your pin to your clothes or accessories.

A soft  rubber cover

The needle does not stick out

PROTECTIVE FILM & CUTE PACKAGING: Each piece includes a protective film to prevent scratching. Remove the film and enjoy the shiny pin! Also, the pin will be packed with a cute cardboard and a crystal clear hanging bag. 

↙ Protective Film

PERFECT FOR SHIBA INU LOVERS: Shibaken pins are great for shiba inu lovers! Even if you do not have a shiba dog, these happy and kawaii shiba dog pins make you feel like you are always with shibas!

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