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Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossom Color Changing Glass Cups

Magical Blooming Wine Glasses

Pour a Cold Drink and the Color Changes from White to Pink

Made in Gifu, Japan - MINO WARE (Mino Yaki) -


1 Pair (2 glasses) comes in a beautiful washi box

MAGIC GLASS CUPS: The color of the cherry blossoms will change to pink when you pour a cold drink in the cup. When the temperature of the cup goes up, the color goes back to the original white color.

BLOOMS ANYTIME: The season of actual sakura is only in the Spring. But you can enjoy the full bloom of these cherry blossoms as many times as you want, all year round!

TEMPERATURE: The pink cherry blossoms appear at temperatures below 62.5°F (17°C) and disappear at room temperature.

MINO WARE (Mino Yaki): Mino ware refers to Japanese pottery that was produced in the Mino Province of Gifu Prefecture, in central Japan including the cities of Toki, Tajimi, Mizunami, and Kani.

PERFECT GIFT: This magical drinkware set is a perfect gift for your friends, family, co-workers, wine lovers or someone who loves Japanese culture. 

Country of Origin: Gifu, Japan

Material: Glass 
Size: approx. W2.44" x H4.05" (W62 mm x H103 mm); widest diameter: approx. 3.15" (80mm) 
Weight (per cup): 5.7 oz (162 g)

Capacity: 10.99 oz (325 ml) 
Weight (including box): 16.8 oz (476 g)

Pour a Cold Drink and the Color Changes from White to Pink

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