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Double-sided Gauze Fabric & Pile Towel-Like Handkerchief

This is a soft towel handkerchief made of gauze on the front and towel-like fabric on the back. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as a lunch box wrap, a dish towel, a face towel, or a hand towel.
Various Uses: Bento wrappers, dishcloths, hand towels, handkerchiefs

Eco-friendly and sustainable!

Hankies are clearly the more sustainable option mostly because they are reusable. Stop wasting with those tissues and switch to these adorable handkerchiefs. Make the impact lighter on your wallet and on the planet!

Size: 13.38 x 15.74 inch (340 x 400 mm)
Material: Cotton  (Front:Gauze, Back:Pile(Towel-like))
Made in Japan

* The pattern may appear differently on each piece due to the cutting process.
* Please note that the color may fade when washing.

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