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We have great experience of Export, Import, and Private Import especially  between US and Japan.

Nowadays no need to have international distributors and there are many chances to expand

your brands internationally. Here is part of our services below:

Expand Your Brands

Do you have own new brand which you would like to expand to customers in Japan? We find your business customers or individual customers.


We will find BEST WAY to export your products to Japan. Safe, Low Costs, Taking care of Duties and Customs.


If you are looking for Japanese products and would like to import to US for your store. Just let us know what you want!

Support Selling to Japan

Do you want to open stores on amazon Japan, Rakuten Japan, or other malls? We will support to open your stores.

Private Import

Nowadays no need to have international distributors. Just sell to individual customers worldwide directly!


Need to add items in Japanese on amazon, Rakuten Japan, and other Japanese malls? Need translate your website to Japanese? Need Japanese customer services? Let us to do it for you!

Remember! Sending inquiry and requesting quotes are always FREE!

Do not miss the chance! Contact us

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