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Okinawa Clay Coasters

Coaster made of roof tile clay from Okinawa

Made in Okinawa, Japan

Clay coasters made of roof tile clay. Well absorbent. The coaster does not stick to the glass when wet. Quick dry. Craftmanship coasters carefully made one by one by Okinawa roof tile crafters. Good for presents and gifts. You can use it in the office or guests for a glass of drink!
BE FANCY and UNIQUE! - Don’t be that dude that gets water stains on your tabletops - get your fancy on with these drink coasters and instantly turn your ‘eh space into a fun, interesting, sophisticated and unique hangout. Be that trendsetter!

TRIPLE THE FUN - Well, not that...but you do get three different sayings with this set to match the personalities of each of your guests. Why have 1 when you can have 3!
DON’T BE CHEAP - Don’t look stingy by gifting some random coasters. With this set, you will look like the man/woman with this complete gift set of coasters with an included holder! Your friends will be soooo impressed by how much thought you put into their gift.

YEAH, IT PROTECTS YOUR TABLE TOO - Creative. Giftable. Makes you super cool. Great Room Decoration. All that and it does, in fact, protect your table too!


Shiba Inu in 2 Colors (Pink and Blue)

Whale Shark in 3 colors (Pink, Blue, and Red)

Shisa in 5 colors (Blue, Green, Pink, White, and Gray)

Flowers in 5 colors (Blue, Green, Pink, White, and Gray)

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