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Adorable Shiba Inu Coasters Made of Roof Tile Clay from Okinawa

Shiba inu, ancient Japanese breeds, are small but well-muscled dogs once employed as hunting dogs. Today, the spirited, good-natured Shiba is the most popular companion dog in Japan and they are getting popular worldwide. 

Okinawa Prefecture is the southernmost and the fifth largest island of Japan. It is a dream island that even Japanese residents want to visit at least once. There are many typhoons, especially if the tiled roof is blown off by the wind, it will cause a secondary disaster. The tiled roof of Okinawa is called Ryukyu red roof tile and is used to minimize the damage caused by typhoons.

A collaboration between such a popular Shiba Inu and the wisdom of Okinawa has been realized!

Clay coasters are well absorbent since they are made of roof tile clay. The coaster does not stick to the glass when wet. Quick dry. Craftsmanship coasters carefully made one by one by Okinawa roof tile crafters. The beautiful background "Sakura and Fuji Mountain '' perfectly matches with the shiba inu. It's the perfect room decoration and eco friendly (washable and reusable). Yes, it protects your table, too!


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